FiRST Sharing Service allows organizations to share incident data among organization FiRST users and with external systems. (details)
Group Sharing
External Sharing
FiRST users that are associated with a group(s) and have posting privileges can submit incident details from the FiRST app. Users can decide what data and images are to be posted, whether it is an exercise or operational incident, and whether the data should be shared outside the group.
Organizational Administrators can chose to allow incident data to be shared with external systems. Administrators can define if just Operational or All data is shared. Data can be shared through a common Virtual USA “FiRST” library or via an organizational specific URL that can be referenced by other systems.
Post Alerting
Group Creation
FiRST users can receive alerts when new incidents are posted to FSS groups they belong to. Mobile users can get alerts through the device’s alerting services; Windows PC users can request emails when new data is posted. Both can limit alerts to only Operational data.
FSS Groups are controlled by an administrator defined by the subscriber. The Organizational Administrator(s) defines what organizational information can be viewed publically, adjudicates requests to join a group, and defines individual user rights to post incident data for sharing within the organization and outside the organization. Administrators can also generate Invitation Emails that provide potential group members information on how to obtain FiRST and connect with the appropriate group.